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My name is Pepijn van Eeden, and you are on the website of my humble advisory bureau and platform.

Since 2020, with this bureau, I consult or work directly with emerging brands and artists as well as larger creative enterprises, mostly in the fashion and luxury industry. They include or have included LUDOVIC DE SAINT SERNIN, KWAIDAN, BOTTER, CARVEN, VAILLANT, VIOLETTE STEHLI, PHIPPS INTERNATIONAL and many others.  

Born in 1982, I grew up in the Netherlands, where I studied History and Philosophy (MA, University of Amsterdam). Thereafter I worked in European politics for some time, and returned to academia as a PhD candidate in the political sciences at Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in 2013.

From 2017 onward I found myself immersed in the Parisian creative industries. That year, I co-founded the MARINE SERRE fashion brand, together with my then-partner of the same name, to become its General Manager and later CEO.

From this position I pursued a range of course programs in finance, entreneurship, business transformation and leadership at institutions like the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) and Banque Publique d'Investissemement (BPI).

Today, my bureau assists on a broad range of topics: from accompanying creative direction, storytelling and creative brand strategy to finance, supply-chain or commercial planning, and especially: on coherently combining it all in order to arrive at an integrated and well-oiled enterprise.

On the side, I intervene irregularly at the Institut Français de la Mode and other educational institutions for masterclasses or seminars in creative entrepeneurship or related topics.


I support emerging brands, artists, and fashion designers, with a tailored incubating program, including coaching and mentoring, representation, general advise, etc.

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From time to time I execute or oversee execution of specific projects: conceptual research, brand platforming, creative writing, artistic research, graphic design, and so on.

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For medium sized and larger companies, I focus on topics like company leadership, change management, investment mediation, brand platform development, strategic management and more.

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